Surf Music With A Twist: YJY – “Amelia”




Couch Surfin’ USA

What a great, fun band.  YJY sounds like the Beach Boys and Camper Van Beethoven merged and had children (and not the girls from Wilson-Phillips).  YJY is a lot of fun.  Coming from New Jersey, YJY is Steve and Dave Sachs (brothers), Ricardo Lorenzo, and Tim Fitzpatrick.  I have a feeling that YJY hung out at the beaches of New Jersey.  The video for “Amelia” is inspired by the work of filmmaker Kenneth Anger. The video features tight shots of Steve as he details a bright orange 1974 Volkswagen Beetle. Director, and friend of the band, Dean Luis Chuqui shot the majority of the video, while Steve contributed the VHS shots that are interspersed throughout.  The album is perfect for driving and for driving.  A great song from a great band.

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