Surreal Dance: CAPYAC – “Bubblegum”



Want to hear what Deee-Light would sound like if they lived on the Moon and went completely nuts.  They would sound like CAPYAC.  What an interesting band.  When talking about the video the band says, “”Bubblegum” started out as a sketch on the Prophet 08 synthesizer. Sugz wrote the lyrics, and we asked KD to come in and rap even though she had never done it before. Helmut Studio produced the video, which was directed by world-famous director Ursula Barker and shot in her living room. It was a very cold day.” Vocalist K.D. Kinetic added, “[Bubblegum] unpacks the buildup of female frustration into a rousing “BITCH” while still providing a catchy pop song that I think even misogynists could accidentally find themselves dancing too.” “Bubblegum” is out now on Spotify.  CAPYAC is a surreal dance act made up of one half swamp baby (P. Sugz), one half agave plant (Potion).  The odd combination works on all angles.  This is really the sound of tomorrow’s dance music.  Get on the dance floor.

Bubblegum by Capyac & on VEVO.

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