Techno Classicism: Brandt Brauer Frick – “Away From My Body”

Photo Credit: Photo by Max Parovsky

Photo Credit: Photo by Max Parovsky

Brandt Brauer Frick

“Away From My Body”


As to be expected, the new music from Brandt Brauer Frick is amazing, but one could not expect anything different.  Daniel Brandt, Jan Brauer, and Paul Frick have established themselves as an ensemble of classically-trained instrumentalists who make techno.  With the addition of Canadian vocalist Beaver Sheppard  the trio has stepped farther into the realm of beautifully combined techno and classical music, as if Laurie Anderson decided to front Kraftwerk (which is actually a good idea).  There is something beautiful and slightly off-putting about Brandt Brauer Frick that has always made them different from all other techno bands.  This beautiful song, “Away From My Body”, has pushed them into a wonderful place never before reached.  I love this band.

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