Teenage Kicks: Layne Montgomery Paper Company – “Teenage Feelings”

Photo Cred: Hana Haley

Layne Montgomery Paper Company

“Teenage Feelings”

What a great, fun band Layne Montgomery Paper Company is.  You combine with the irony of Weezer and the energy of the Strokes and you get Layne Montgomery Paper Company.  Layne Montgomery (guitar and lead vocals) is backed by longtime best friend Max Miller on lead guitar, Aidan Shepard on drums and Stove Shaw on bass. The “Teenage Feelings” video was produced by Jamie Frey (NO ICE) of Seen Yr Video and directed by Josef Von Weikkmnan. You could tell these guys love to play.  I love this band.  This is great FM music, which it will be a staple like Weezer.  I am super impressed.  It’s hard to deal with teenage heartache and love without being cloying or too sarcastic, but Layne Montgomery Paper Company combine the two and make it heartfelt.  Bravo.

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