Texan Alt Prog: Weather King – “Jejune Bug”

Weather King

“Jejune Bug”

What a great song.  Sounding a little like their Dallas/Fort Worth kindred, Jimmy Eat World, Weather King has something special. The special weapon is the vocals of Maya Cravy, which just beautifully propel the song to its tight groove.  Weather King is: Andy Zukoski (keyboards), Ian Jeffery (drums), Maya Cravy (vocals), Trent Cruickshank (guitar), and Jack Zukoski (bass).  In my book, Weather King is anything but jejune (kudos for bringing back such a great world, oh, and the pun is tremendous).  No wonder Weather King is the talk of DFW, soon to be the world.  This is a band that knows what it wants and knows how to deliver.  And to think, these folk are just kids.

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