The 10 Best Albums of 2022

Best albums of 2022, Tove lo, Beyoncé, jack white

Rock and pop shined triumphantly as multilingual music became more mainstream, personalisation came to the forefront, TikTok acted as a career launchpad, short videos gained power, and further blending of genres exploded! It’s a great time to be an active listener of music!

10. Improvement Movement – Don’t Delay, Join Today

A kaleidoscope of psychedelia and new sounds cohesively melded into one magnificent alt-rock album.

9. Methyl Ethyl – Are You Haunted?

‘Are You Haunted?” combines ’80s and ’00s indie-pop and pushes those sounds into the future with ambitious perfection.

8. Tove Lo – Dirt Femme

Tove Lo brings pure synth-pop perfection to the dance floor with a sexy, genre-blending album.

7. Phoenix – Alpha Zulu

Six albums and a couple decades in Phoenix delivers one of their best albums yet with “Alpha Zulu”. They deliver with the same fervor as their earlier albums and bring a fresh new spin to their songs.

6. The Lazy Eyes – Songbook

Simply the best psychedelic rock album released in years. These guys will shine in the future with their blend of 60s/70s rock reimagined.

5. Jack White – Entering Heaven Alive

Jack White is a rock god and the follow-up to this year’s wild Fear of the Dawn is a stripped-down songwriter record that gleams with brilliance.

4. Wet Leg – Wet Leg

One of the best groups to come out of 2022. If you haven’t heard Wet Leg yet you haven’t been listening. This is British Indie Rock at its best!

3. Beyoncé – Renaissance

Disco, pop, rap, rock, and an immaculate dance record—the queen delivers.

2. The Smile – A Light For Attracting Attention

It’s not Radiohead but it’s the best parts of Radiohead and an album that delivers with the fervor of a new band trying to make its name.

1. Jack White – Fear Of The Dawn

Only a rock god could accomplish the unthinkable and release two brilliant albums in one year. “Fear of the Dawn” is White’s experimental, rock album that teases an exciting electo-rock future.

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