The Asylum Run By The Residents: Fable Cry – “The Good Doctor”

Fable Cry 3












Fable Cry

“The Good Doctor”

We’ll Show You Where The Monsters Are

Imagine Gogol Bordello and The Residents meet with the marionettes from Mott the Hoople.  You have something close to Fable Cry.  Watching them play, as I said before, is like watching the musical version of Marat/Sade.  Check them out.  I truly don’t believe there is another band like them anywhere.  And their use of instruments is unbolievable.  Originally founded by Zach Ferrin and his sister in 2010 who, together mastered guitar, violin, drums, accordion, glockenspiel, kazoo, banjo, ukulele, and cello, Fable Cry released their first full-length self-titled album in 2011. The band grew over the past several years to include members to play the aforementioned instruments: Joshua Dent (cello,) Jo Cleary (violin/vocals,) Scott Fernandez (bass,) Rachel Gerlach (drums). Together, they bonded over a love of the imaginative, theatrical, comical and whimsical creativity of Walt Disney, Charlie Chaplin and Tim Burton.  Enjoy them.  They will definitely play with your head.

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