The Best In Chanson: Camille – “Fontaine de lait”


“Fountaine de Lait


The incomparable, unique Camille finally has put out a new album for our pleasure.  The queen of French Chanson, the voice of notes only dogs can hear, one of the most interesting people not just performers in the world is back.  And as you can hear in “Fontaine de lait”, her voice has never sounded better.  Though the song seems to follow a more traditional chanson sound, in the middle she does a CocoRosie-type turnabout and demonstrates her use of production and dueting with herself and natural noises that only she can make to finish this beautiful song.  When dealing with Camille, always expect the unexpected.  She is probably the greatest singer out there right now, yet she is always herself, never afraid to take chances.  Anything she does is going to be exceptional, and OUI is not exception to that rule.  She is my favorite Chanson singer.  At times, she seems to be the reincarnation of Edith Piaf, but then she’ll surprise you by taking that completely different path.

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