The Bohicas blast on the scene w/ The Making Of

London-based alternative rock group The Bohicas have blasted on the music scene with a record that delivers a one-two-three PUNCH in your face and ear drums! The Making Of is constructed of catchy riffs, crunchy guitars, and bang-your-head beats. Don’t worry, you won’t be left with a headache, you’ll be left craving more sounds after hearing the first track “I Do It For Your Love,” which resembles a hard rock version of an early Beatle’s track (think “Eight Days A Week” on speed).

However, the standout tracks here are “To Die For” and “XXX.” The latter has an ominous, screechy beginning with a killer riff and a lyrical rhyme that is so addictive it’s nearly impossible to erase from your memory after hearing it. “To Die For” — that’s exactly what the song is– as lead singer Dom John penetrates your consciousness with drawn-out “I get high, I get low” your immediately wrapped in a blanket of cashmere sounds.

Check out the video above and pre-order the album below, you’re going to be VERY happy you did!


Pre-order the debut album The Making Of 

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