The Boys Are Back: The Jesus And Mary Chain – “Always Sad”

The Jesus And Mary Chain

“Always Sad”

Damage and Joy

The Reid Brothers are back.  Here is the band that is the bellwether of all the shoegazing, noise pop bands out there. And they have only gotten better.  Luckily, they haven’t gotten happier, because who wants happy music in this day and age.  Combine Lou Reed with Johnny Rotten, you get TJMAC.  The brothers are a bizarre group, giving 15 minute live sets that often descend into chaos, while making records slow and brooding, playing with feedback, drenching the product with sound, and simply making the saddest music ever.  The fact that they are back after a long absence is only good for music.  Since pop music basically sucks, we need The Jesus And Mary Chain to resave rock and roll.

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