The End/The Beginning: Kurt Vile – “Bassackwards”

Kurt Vile



Another great song from Kurt Vile.  He is always so honest, so real.  It’s no wonder he collaborated with Courtney Barnett, because the two share that same type of narrative.  Vile’s songs are more like conversations, memories pouring out, than they are structured pieces of poetry.  And his guitar playing, as usual, is amazing.  The sound that really sets “Bassackwards” apart is the backward guitar loops that just fit the whole tone of the song.  Have you ever lived bassackwards?  If so, this song is perfect.  Also, this is the perfect song to transverse that line from Summer to Autumn, because this is the season where the weather goes back and forth.  His new album is set to be released October 12.  Pick it up; it will be that great.

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