The Huntress: Deaf Poets – “Celestine”

Deaf Poets


Lost In Magic City

What a great song; actually frightful.  “Celestine”, to me, is the incarnation of Artemis, or Anya from Buffy (without the human), that vengeance demon who chases those men who have used women for their own satisfaction.  Dark, sinister, and full of suspense, the video shows the character Celestine, played by Rachel Miller, seeking retribution on the gents with her deadly bow and arrow. She’s on the hunt, stalking and chasing them through the streets of Miami.  And calling the character, “Celestine”, meaning “heavenly”, is aprpos.  This is gritty music, that reverse of bands singing about little girls.  I love this band.  Deaf Poets has been dubbed the best band in Miami, and with good reason.  With a sound similar to Eve 6 vocally and Smashing Pumpkins musically, Deaf Poets takes the best and discards the rest, wraps it up, and magically makes the sound their own.  This is gritty, grunge, DIY for the future.

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