The New Voice: Baby Dayliner – “The Triumph of Sarah’s Past”

Baby Dayline

“The Triumph of Sarah’s Past”

You Push I’ll Go

This band somehow reminds me of The Call.  It must be the deep, powerful vocals.  Baby Dayliner is known as an “artists’ artist”.  It is the vocals that make his music so stand out.  They fit the lyrics of that girl (or guy) you know that can never seem to get their shit together, no matter.  Instead, they go on chasing imaginary dragons.  Baby Dayliner writes:

 “Sarah behaves extremely rashly. She doesn’t consider consequences. In her impulsiveness her dreams are never met. She wants to hit home-runs but all she does is miss. She lives in the past, unable to feel the present. Through vice she perpetuates denial, and hence staves off recovery and actualizing her ambitions. She doesn’t like or trust herself, and sees herself in the narrator, and so does not trust him either.”

This beautifully sad song needs a voice like Baby Dayliner to bring it to life.  Share in the sorrow, understand the pain, revel in Dayliner’s voice.

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