The New Wave of Prog: Catch The Breeze – “Starlight”

Catch The Breeze



Recorded in Denmark, Catch The Breeze is atmospheric prog rock at its best.  At once atmospheric yet rocking, Catch The Breeze seems to capture all the beauty of a gentle breeze with the intensity of a hurricane boiling underneath.  In early 2014, drummer Andreas Bundgaard, bassist Lars Madsen, and singer and guitarist Aage Hedensted formed Catch the Breeze.  Recording the sessions live, ‘the band has achieved a raw, dynamic and organic sound that perfectly joins the band’s melodic, noisy and dreamy elements.”  This is most notable on “Starlight”, a song of infinite beauty.  So beautiful that, clocking in at over 6 minutes, it feels too short.  I love this band.  If this is the future of Prog rock, I’m immensely happy.

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