The Real Deal: The Breeders – “Wait In The Car”

The Breeders

“Wait In The Car”

Good Morning

They’re back.  God, I love the Deal sisters.  They have always been my heroes, and now Kim and Kelly, along Jim Macpherson (drums), and Josephine Wiggs (bass), are releasing a new album, and the first sing, “Wait In The Car”, has just been released.  This song kicks major ass.  Nice, short, and to the point, “Wait In The Car” has that classic start and stop and start again that makes The Breeders so damned special.  This band is the best of the 90’s alternative, post-punk bands that made that decade so exciting.  The Breeders are the gods of Dayton, Ohio, with good reason.  Maybe this means Evan Dando and Juliana Hatfield will do something new.  (Oh, Belly has new music out).   The Breeders are my band.  I worship at the altar of the Deals and their band.

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