The Rebel Light Debut EP

In a music world littered with auto-tune train wrecks, The Rebel Light releases a shot of pure anthem rock onto the airwaves. An electro indie-rock group based in LA, The Rebel Light consists of brothers Alan and Jarret Steil and their long lost cousin Brandon Cooke. Hints of The Beatles and Oasis can be heard throughout the band’s debut EP, but they ultimately achieve a signature sound steered by genuine lyrics.

Pulling a card from one of their influences, the group made like Zeppelin and self-recorded songs in unconventional spaces, including a bathroom and woodshed. Their do-it-yourself approach proves worthwhile among the three tracks found on their self-titled EP. The horn driven “Goodbye Serenade” sticks to your bones with lyrics, “It’s not the notes that you play, it is the silence between.” Simple but powerful goes the story of The Rebel Light , these are three guys to keep an eye on.

Keeping with the indie spirit the The Rebel Light offers their album as a free download available on Noise Trade:

They also self-produced their own music video for “Goodbye Serenade” found on YouTube:

-Jenny Rickey, AudioFuzz Contributor

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