The Top 10 Albums Of 2017

2017 was quite the year in music with both old and new artists releasing a plethora of incredible music for our ears to behold for years to come! Check out the list below and let us know your thoughts!

10. Cold War KidsLA Divine

LA Divine is full of strong melodies, luscious power ballads, passionate lyrics, incredible vocals and soaring piano riffs from Nathan Willett and the boys make this one of the top albums of 2017! Check out “First” and “Love Is Mystical.”

9. GoldfrappSilver Eye

Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory return with their 7th album Silver Eye and we are greeted with some of the duo’s best electronic work yet with songs like “Anymore”, “Systemagic”, and “Everything Is Never Enough.”

8. The ShinsHeartworms

James Mercer’s (aka The Shins) Heartworms was largely inspired by his children and fantasies/the macabre and its the first time since ‘Oh, Inverted World’ that Mercer has fully produced and played all the instruments on an album. Fun, playful, and incredibly addictive. Check out “Cherry Hearts”, “Painting A Hole”, and “Dead Alive.”

lorde, melodrama

7. LordeMelodrama

Lorde returned with her sophomore album Melodrama and is triumphant in bringing us a pop masterpiece. We never thought that anything could beat her first album, but Melodrama is consistently strong and beautiful. “Perfect Places”
is hands-down one of Lorde’s best songs. And when she sings, “Where the fuck are perfect places anyway?”, you will be wowed. Nothing else needs to be said–just listen to her. Lorde has matured into a truly incredible artist of the 21st century.

charlotte gainsbourg, rest
6. Charlotte GainsbourgRest

Charlotte Gainsbourg delivers a dark but enigmatic composition that tells the story of her own sister’s mental illness and how Gainsbourg worked to pull her through it. Sung in both English and French and delivered with mesmerizing synths–Rest is one of 2017’s best albums. Check out “Ring-A-Ring ‘O Roses”, “Sylvia Says”, and “Deadly Valentine.”

st vincent, masseducation

5. St. VincentMasseduction

Annie Clarke is often referred to as the female David Bowie, which is a pretty astounding comparison to give an artist considering the hefty weight Bowie’s name carries. However, St. Vincent (aka Annie Clarke) is a musical powerhouse that not only performs all her own music but also produces it and plays all the instruments. Masseduction is a brilliant pop album full of catchy songs and hypnotic rock/synth pieces. Check out “Los Ageless”, “New York”, and “Sugarboy.”

roger waters, is this the life we really want, pink floyd

4. Roger WatersIs This The Life We Really Want?

The co-founder of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, returns with his first proper rock album since 1992’s ‘Amused To Death.’ Teaming up with Nigel Godrich and delivering Water’s best solo work yet. Is This The Life We Really Want? presents us with a mixture of sounds that resonates with Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, and Animals. By far one of the best rock albums of the year. Check out “Picture This”, “Deja Vu”, and “Smell The Roses.”

beck, colors

3. BeckColors

Beck is one of the greatest artists of the 21st century and his ability to cross genres and maintain artistic integrity is simply astonishing. Colors is an upbeat, synth heavy record that is quite the contrast to his Grammy winning album ‘Morning Phase.’ Songs like “Colors”, “Wow, and “Up All Night” will have you dancing and smiling. Check out “Colors” below:

methyl ethel, everything is forgotten

2. Methyl EthelEverything Is Forgotten

Australian rock band Methyl Ethel brought us one of the best albums of the year with “Everything Is Forgotten.”“Ubu” is a worthy entry in the pantheon of songs lamenting a subject’s haircut, and other tracks balance entrancing songs with lively contrast just as well. A lingering spookiness and all the catchiness too, as in the excellent “No. 28”. Check out “Drink Wine” below, one of the best tracks on the album.

lcd soundsystem, american dream

1. LCD SoundsystemAmerican Dream

James Murphy and the band called it quits at their farewell concert in 2011 but thank god that was not “the end.” LCD Soundsystem returned in 2017 with American Dream their first full-length album since 2010’s ‘This Is Happening’ and concocted an extraordinary record full of fantastic-fresh-hypnotic electronic soundscapes that LCD Soundsystem has become known for. The band does not disappoint on ANY song and brings new life to electronic music. Check out EVERY song! Watch “Tonite” below:

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