The Wonders Of Summer: Smokescreens – “Waiting For Summer”

Screenshot “Waiting For Summer” (Dir: Steel O’Neill)


“Waiting For Summer”

Used To Yesterday

What a great paean to summer.  This song even makes me (Mr. Cold) love summer.  With its jingly pop vocals and handclaps, Smokescreens remind me of The Church, with that beautiful Byrds-like 12 string lead in the background.  This is what summer should be.  As their bio states:

Used To Yesterday continues Smokescreen’s zeal for New Zealand pop but also incorporates influences from the more melodic side of Messthetics-era DIY pop and expands into classic indie pop territory, a natural fit for the group’s new label Slumberland Records.

All I know, this is great melodic DIY pop music.  Surprisingly coming from LA, Smokescreens is comprised of Chris, Corey, Jenny, and Brice.  Together, they have created a sound for everyone.  I love this band.  Another band I listened to all the time.

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