This Is The Year: Five Eight – “Pleiades”

Five Eight


Songs For St. Jude

What a great expressive video that totally fits the song.  I love Five Eight.  They are so different from most indie bands.  First of all, Mike Mantione’s vocals are not beautiful, but they are genuine, which is more important.  Also, the band starts softs, kicks ass, quiets down, kicks ass, all in the same song.  Again, sometimes Five Eight is three guys, sometimes five, but mostly they are Patrick Ferguson / drums; Sean Dunn / guitar; Mike Mantione / guitar, vocals; and Dan Horowitz / bass.  It is also wonderful to hear a power punk band playing a song to my favorite constellation.  Coming from Athens, GA, they carry on that great tradition.  As people always say, the Velvet Underground didn’t sell a lot of records, but those who bought VU, formed a band.  Same can be said of Five Eight.  Five Eight have been kicking around since 1990.  Now is the time for the break-out.  2018 is the year of Five Eight.

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