Thom Yorke Proves He Can Dance Fun When People Are Watching


SOUNDS: Radiohead and Kraftwerk walk into a bar….

TASTES: gummy bears in ice cream

Thom Yorke doesn’t only dance funny in Radiohead but he also manages to do so for his side project Atoms For Peace. In this simplistic dance video for “Ingenue” Thom Yorke is seen dancing with Fukiko Takase emulating a Martha Graham style dance in a very unique way. The slithering synth and subtle falsetto that Thom Yorke loves to use is harmonious to the ears.

Buy the new Atoms For Peace album Amok now:
Amok is also available in the US here:
Ingenue is taken from Amok released by XL Recordings in 2013.

Dancers: Thom Yorke and Fukiko Takase
Director: Garth Jennings
Choreographer: Wayne McGregor

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