THROWBACK THURSDAY: Justice – ‘Audio, Video, Disco’

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Audio, Video, Disco is the second studio album by French electronic music duo Justice, released in 2011. The album is a departure from their debut album Cross as it features a more rock-oriented sound with the addition of live instrumentation, while still maintaining their signature electronic style.

Overall, Audio, Video, Disco is a solid album with a unique and cohesive sound. The duo effectively blends electronic and rock elements, creating a high-energy and dynamic listening experience. The album’s opening track, “Horsepower,” sets the tone with its heavy bassline and distorted guitar riffs, while tracks like “On’n’On” and “Ohio” showcase the duo’s ability to craft catchy and danceable tunes.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Civilization,” which features a memorable vocal hook and an epic, anthemic feel. The album also features collaborations with several notable musicians, including Morgan Phalen of Diamond Nights on “New Lands” and Ali Love on “Helix.”

Audio, Video, Disco may be more groundbreaking than Cross as it stands as a strong and enjoyable album that showcases the duo’s versatility and musicianship. Fans of electronic and rock music alike should find something to appreciate on this record. See “On’n’On” below:

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