TRANQUIL Tuesdays: Graham Jonson – “Natural Form”

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We have a great addition to our Tranquil Tuesdays feature with Graham Johnson’s “Natural Form”. An easy listening track from an EP with the same title. Johnson’s soft vocals paired with his uplifting but tranquil track is just what you need for your listening pleasure and to get through the rest of today. Enjoy the tranquil Tuesdays track and read more about the artist below:

Today, Portland, Oregon musician Graham Jonson known as quickly, quickly shares the funky, yet muted track “Natural Form.” The final single ahead of the EP Easy Listening could practically pass for a long-lost Sly & The Family Stone outtake played in an echoing, psychedelic cavern. It follows the similarly jazzy tracks “Falling Apart Without You” and “Satellite,” all taken from Easy Listening which is out this Friday, May 26 via Ghostly.

On the new track, Jonson offers: “This song was an afterthought at first. I made it while in a rut with music, putting way too much thought into everything I was making. This song was a release from that, a sort of joke at first that quickly turned into what is probably my favorite song on the EP. Short and sweet, with a twist at the end.”

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