Traveling In Music: Panteon – “January Keeper”


“January Keeper”

Travel Log 1

There is something beautifully delicate yet strong about Panteon’s voice, as if, under the layer of soft velvet is barbed wire.  Panteon is German-born, Brooklyn dwelling Yvonne Ambrée, and she is in complete control of the EP, filling it with reminiscences of her travels across Europe and The Americas, each composition serving as an ode to the experience of a specific locale. True to its name, the 6 tracks are a charmed soundscape built for going down the road, through the sea, and into the sky. Gorgeous photos (taken by Ambrée herself) of the locations highlighted on the EP were also taken to accompany the tracks, and can be seen in the artwork. This is beautiful work.  Think, if you can, Kate Bush working with Yann Tiersen.  No doubt, Panteon has a passion for traveling, and brings each location alive better than any singer out there.  I love her voice, her music, her passion.  Listen; fall in love; travel, even if you can only do so in your mind.

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