Truth With Dedication and Humor: Parker Bossley – “Chemicals”

Ronnie Lee Hill Photography, Vancouver Photographer Photography

Parker Bossley


This is another amazing Canadian artist that totally blew me away.  What a great voice, a great sense of humor, and a dedication to his craft that is frankly scary.  Believing Vancouver was creatively stifling, he moved to LA in a leaky RV, being called the Duran Duran boy and living on 50 cent tacos, all for art.  It certainly paid off.  “Chemicals” is a great song.  As Parker states:

Chemicals,” Parker says, illustrates his life from late teens to early twenties. “It’s me writing about my relationships with drugs and love. The hook was spawned in my head on the third day of a festival when the drugs just literally didn’t work anymore.” The track is paired with an eye-popping video, as Parker’s animated image is transformed and transported into a dazzling menagerie of land and sea creatures, courtesy of London-based animation and puppetry director Joseph Wallace.

It is a mind blowing video, and Parker’s experience mirrors my own when all of the sudden the drugs weren’t working at all anymore.

Another great quote from Parker Bossley that explains everything about him:

While Parker Bossley may approach his solo endeavors with humor and humility, he is deadly serious about his craft. “I’ll throw myself in front of a bus for my songs,” he concludes.

Enjoy his music.  It’s personal and it’s beautiful.

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