Ultimate Swag: PISS-OFF! – B.I.C.A./Cyperfrog




Perfect Is For Amateurs

I LOVE THIS BAND.  I have been looking for the American equivalent of South Africa’s Die Antwoord, and I finally found them.  PISS-OFF! wants to wet your pants and blow your mind. They combine powers to create noisy, jumping, dancing, screaming, bouncing, rap, punk, electronic, hardcore music. PISS-OFF! is the anti-band. They rock rap shows and turn avante-garde dance performances into dirty raves.  PISS-OFF! is Brooklyn based rapper/singer/producer/artist Anika Trujillo and keyboardist/producer/vocalist/dj Gumball Eyeball. Their sound is so much fun, but the underlying greatness is how professional they are.  These guys are GREAT.  They are SWAG.  Enjoy these guys.

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