Urban Folk For Intellectuals: Minor Soul – “Nothing At All”

Minor Soul

Minor Soul

“Nothing At All”


What a great song.  My favorite people are those that are great a doing nothing at all. Minor Soul are an acoustic-pop group formed by two brothers, Jack and Max Wagner. Born in London and raised in Hong Kong, Jack and Max write songs about urban life that combine a strong lyrical and melodic structure with harmonies that have prompted some of their fans to describe them as Generation Y’s answer to Simon and Garfunkel.  This they do so well.  “Nothing At All” is about those wonderful people who make you happy to be around, although there does not seem to be anything they do well, except live.  And that’s the point of the song: many of us who are seemingly failures have at least learned how to live.  We are good at doing “nothing at all.”  What great writing, harmonies, and all around music.  Thank you.

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