Utopian Vision: J Motor – “Meet In The Sky”

Photo Credit Angi Kim

J Motor

“Meet In The Sky”

J Motor’s press says “Electronic, Australian musician, J Motor delivers a utopian vision over a hypnotic beat and an uplifting, fizzy soundscape within all the music he makes. Apart from making music, J Motor has strengthened his reputation as a well-known creative director and producer.  As a result, he creates content where people can feel his audio-visual experience that he defines as “boho/hip hop.”  I say, J Motor has produced the field good song of the year.  I’ve been listening to this track all week, and I just know, it makes me happy.  Isn’t that what music is about.  And this world needs a little utopia.  So, J Motor, thanks a lot.  Keep making music.  We need your vision.

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