When Nightmares Come True: Melanie Martinez – “Mad Hatter”

Melanie Martinez

“Mad Hatter”

Cry Baby

This is what happens when Tim Burton movies come to life.  You get this frightening video by Melanie Martinez.  Martinez has a tremendous voice, and her character as the Cry Baby is actually realistic and easy to identify with.  We (at least I) have been called cry baby before, and it’s only our sensitivities are more realized than most people.  Martinez’ book has been described as a cross between Lana and Lorde, but I think she is more similar to Kerli.  Though she is definitely her own person.  She says Neutral Milk Hotel and Tim Burton are big influences as well as Ariana Grande and Brittany, but the weirdness of Burton and Neutral Milk Hotel is what makes Martinez stand out.  Her new album is set to drop in early 2018.  If it is even half as good as Cry Baby, we really do have a new star.  In “Pretty Little Liars”, when Mona was building dollhouses for the girls, they should have used Martinez as the background music.

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