Who’s Who? Betty Who, That’s Who.

betty who, somebody loves you

Betty Who didn’t just POP out of nowhere. The Australian born singer has been on the pop circuit since 2012.

Since then, she has put out two EPs: The Movement in 2013, and Slow Dancing in 2014

Now with her debut album only days away on October 7, and the start of her High Society Tour kicking off on September 26th, everyone is about to know exactly Who Betty is.


All of You – Super produced pop rock, could just as well be Katy Perry or Pink singing this. VERY VERY COMMERCIAL. But. that’s exactly what Betty needs, so people start to know Who she is.

Heartbreak Dream – More quirky, yet still very commercially appealing. This track is a bit more unique. But, just a bit. That’s the catch for me with this track; when compared to “All of You”, it is slightly more unique, but also a little less fun.

Somebody Loves You – On this track, we get more of the raw and unique sound of Betty’s voice. With a retro sound, I almost feel like it sounds like a prom song at the end of a delightfully bad 80’s teen movie. I love it.

High Society – Musically, this is my favorite track. Her slow sound, mixed with the upbeat tempo, makes it such a fun track. “We’ll drink Chardonnay during the day, because we say so”,  “We’ll never sleep late on Sunday cause that’s what they do in Monaco.”

Find everything Betty Who on her website http://www.bettywhomusic.com/


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