World Travelers: The Commuters – “Before I Was Born”

The Commuters

“Before I Was Born”

Another very different band has come forward to turn us on to great music.  The Commuters, consisting of Zeeshan Zaidi (vocals,guitar/keyboard), Uri Djemal (guitar/keyboard), Ben Zwerin (bass), and Paul Amorese (drums), might hail from New York, but their kinetic, personal anthems capture an alt-rock essence that aspires toward worldwide appeal.  This is a great band.  Musically, they have a world style to them that is original and hard to pin down as to style.  Their name describes their sound.  They are from all around the world, and it shows.  Zaidi is Pakistani/Indian growing up in the Philippines, and his bandmates have similar worldly upbringings, true commuters on the road of life.  I love this band.  This might be the sound of the future.

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