French Electronica Expressionism: Steevo Nuissier – “L’Eveil de la Raison”

Steevo Nuissier “L’Eveil de la Raison” Steevo Nuissier has released enough beautifully dark electronica magic, this time in his native French, which, somehow, sounds darker and more intense than anything Nuissier has done yet.  This to me sounds like something … Continue Reading

Psychedelic Gloom: Quicksilver Daydream – “Ferryman”

Quicksilver Daydream “Ferryman” A Thousand Shadows, A Single Flame From the first plaintive reverb guitar chord, you know you’ve entered a sad, dark, psychedelic world.  Quicksilver Daydream is an experimental psychedelic-folk band led by Adam Lytle. Their recordings combine brooding, surrealistic lyrics with … Continue Reading