OPINION PIECE: Grammy’s = Shammy’s – They Could Be Better


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The Grammys Could Be Better

In a day and age where a plethora of good, great, awesome music exists we’re forced to believe that the best music is lauded by the the Academy’s voting members whom are all involved in the creative and technical processes of recording and then participate in (1) the nominating process that determines the five finalists in each category (2) the final voting process which determines the GRAMMY winners. While we know that there is more that exists beyond the Grammy Awards that music is negated, ignored, and marginalized largely by the Academy. They want us to believe that they vote for albums based on artistic quality but if you watch the Grammys, you know “album sales or chart position” seem to help far more than actual artistic quality.

Rather than just bash the Academy and the Grammy Awards I offer some advice that I feel could benefit the awards show and the Academy.

1. Offer more categories honoring more than just mainstream music genres
2. Do your research! There are hundreds if not thousands of good albums out there that could be awarded. Take the time to comb through these artists that have worked tirelessly to produce and release incredible music.
3. Expand the academy
4. Get rid of the new best artist category because nearly all the artists in this category have been working for YEARS. Change it to “new artist just discovered you because you charted or sold albums”
5. Change the rules for entry so that more artists can be included

I am sure there is more that could be changed so we would love to hear what our readers have to say.

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