Chilean Punk/Pop: Bailarines Muertos – “Sinestesia”

Bailarines Muertos “Sinestesia” My favorite Chilean punk/pop rock band has released one of the most fun videos ever.  This smoothie being made looks delicious, and the music kicks ass.  These guys from Santiago, comprised of Sebastián González, Gonzalo Alarcón, Benjamín Soto, and Javiera Labra … Continue Reading

Chilean Killer Punk: Bailarines Muertos – “Sinestesia”

  Bailarines Muertos “Sinestesia” My favorite Chilean punk band, Bailarines Muertos (Dead Dancers), have a new killer single out.  These guys, coming from Santiago, have really capture some killer punk.  Combining the Ramones and The Stranglers with this wild South … Continue Reading

Dreampop Chilean Style: Trementina – “Please Go Away”

Trementina “Please Go Away” 810 If you ever wondered what the Jesus and Mary Chain would sound like fronted by Hope Sandoval, just listen Chilean-based band, Trementina.  Trementina create music for lucid dreaming. It’s an intense, yet melancholic conjuring by … Continue Reading