HEAR: Kara Jackson – ‘Why Does the Earth Give Us People To Love?’

Kara Jackson is unique. She is an artist that transcends genres of art forms and a masterful storyteller. Why Does The Earth Give Us People To Love? Is an album that perks the eardrums and gets us alert with inquisitive wonder. … Continue Reading

HNAF (Hot New Album Fridays): Wednesday – ‘Rat Saw God’

Rat Saw God is Wednesday’s first album on Dead Oceans, following their second record, Twin Plagues. The Asheville-based alternative rock band announced the album with “Chosen to Deserve,” later sharing “TV in the Gas Pump” and “Bath County.” Rat Saw … Continue Reading

Take Off The Costume: Lauren Duski – “Costume Party”

Lauren Duski “Costume Party” Midwestern Girl Lauren Duski has such a great voice.  I love when an artist bears their soul without overproduction, just barenaked honesty.  Originally from Gaylord, Michigan, Duski was on the Voice, finishing runner-up.  With her voice and … Continue Reading