Memorable:  Adam Ostrar – “Spare Me”

Memorable: Adam Ostrar – “Spare Me”

Beautiful Break-up:  Brad Byrd – “1000 Pink Balloons”

Beautiful Break-up: Brad Byrd – “1000 Pink Balloons”

Never Letting Good: Mr. Byrd – “I’ll Never Let Go”

Lost In Wonder: Noah Kahan – “Young Blood”

New Urban Protest: Paula Boggs Band – “Get Together”

LA Folk At Its Most Heartfelt: The Wilder Society – “Lion’s Den”

Summer Environment: Sivan Talmor – “I’ll Be”

Bluegrass With Attitude: The Way Down Wanderers – “Dead Bird”

Folk Harmonies At Their Best: Echo Bloom – “Leaving Charleston”

Modern Gender Bender Folk: El Tryptophan – “Guilt Vacation”

Intimate Rock: Peter Kelly – “Don’t Let Me Be”

Powerful Folk Pop: Supersmall – “Riot”

Positive Music: Frank Turner – “The Next Storm”

The All Present “I”: Joanna Newsome – “Time, As A Symptom”

Folk With A Twist: Wicked Man – “Cry For Once”

Folk Explosion: Casey Dubie – “Motion Sick”

HEAR: Pete Lanctot and the Stray Dog – Could’ve Been Good

HEAR: Three Thousand Rivers – “Between Two Stones”

HEAR: Chase Coy – “Like Sin”

Hear – Bellehouse – “Back to Life”