Ass Kicking Rock n Roll: Thunderpussy – “Speed Queen”

Thunderpussy “Speed Queen” What a killer band.  Who said girls can’t rock?  These girls can rock.  Fuck, let’s quit calling them girls, these are rockers, no doubt.  You take Suzi Quatro, add the Runaways, some Zeppelin and Thor’s Hammer, you get Thunderpussy.  They … Continue Reading

Fist-Pumping: Omega Swan – “Autonation”

Omega Swan “Autonation” What a band.  I love their fuzz-entrenched sound, making kick-ass rock.  Coming from the streets of Nashville, these head-bangers are comprised of Comprised of Marcus Garceau (guitar, vocals, synthesizers), Will Burgess (bass), and Aaron Westine (drums). There is … Continue Reading