Icelandic Dark Wave: Kaelan Mikla – “Hvermig kemst eg upp?”

Kaelan Mikla “Hvermig kemst eg upp?” Nott Eftir Nott Another wonderful band has come out of Iceland, a tremendous post dark wave/synth wave band called Kaelan Mikla.  Margrét Rósa, Laufey Soffia, and Sólveig Matthildur formed the band in Reykjavik five years … Continue Reading

Otherworldy: Úlfur – Arborescence

Úlfur Arborescence Aborescence Úlfur is undeniably a genius.  He makes the most beautiful music on instruments he has designed himself.  Luxembourg-born, Iceland-raised, NYC-residing Úlfur Hansson is known for his work with Jonsi and Anna von Hauswolff, two of my favorite artist.  … Continue Reading

Indie Earworm – Watch Ásgeir Conjure Faeries With a King – “King and Cross”

You could say that Ásgeir is Iceland’s answer to Bon Iver. His gorgeous harmonies, flawless falsetto, and upredictable lyrics/chord structure are reminiscent of the best of Iver, an American indie music legend. In “King & Cross” Ásgeir truly delivers the … Continue Reading