Medieval Elvish Music: Gandalf’s Fist – “Winter’s Mourning”

Gandalf’s Fist “Winter’s Mourning” What a great band, in fact, Gandalf’s Fist is one of the best prog bands out there.  Comprised of Dean Marsh, Luke Severin, Stefen Hepe, Chris Ewen, Ben Bell, and Keri Farish, they have just created … Continue Reading

Official Insanity: CIRCU5 – “Amazing Monstrous Grady”

CIRCU5 “Amazing Monstrous Grady” CIRCU5 This is an amazing concept album that took five years to complete and is worth the wait.  The debut CIRCU5 album from British multi-instrumentalist, Steve Tilling, features guest performances from Dave Gregory (XTC, Big Big … Continue Reading