ROOSEVELT’s debut self-titled album is a synth-disco masterpiece

Germany-based singer, songwriter, and producer–ROOSEVELT has already mastered the art of disco on his debut self-titled album. The 26-year-old aka as Marius Lauber has concocted an ethereal mixture of disco beats, hypnotic psychedelia, and pop on his debut album and it … Continue Reading

Piano Rock: Scarlet Sails – “I’ll Be There”

Scarlet Sails “I’ll Be There” Scarlet Sails Scarlet Sails, the new music endeavor from drummer Brian Viglione (The Dresden Dolls, Violent Femmes, Nine Inch Nails) and his Russian-born, model/pianist/vocalist wife, Olya. The NYC-based duo, joined by band members Nick Emde (guitar) and Joe … Continue Reading