Harmonies: Billy & Dolly – “Everything Is Off”

Billy & Dolly “Everything Is Off” Five Suns There is something incredibly familiar yet quite new about Billy & Dolly’s new song, “Everything Is Off”.  San Francisco duo Bill Rousseau and Dahlia Gallin Ramirez sound like they were lifted from 60’s … Continue Reading

Aussie Eccentricity: The Stevens – “Pulling All The Facts Together”

The Stevens “Pulling All The Facts Together” Good Coming from Melbourne (what is in the water there?), The Stevens formed in 2011 around guitarists Alex Macfarlane (Twerps, Tyrannamen) and New Zealand-born Travis MacDonald, and were soon joined by bassist Gus Lord … Continue Reading

Dreams Are Made Of: Minihorse – “Blueblack”

Minihorse “Blueblack” Big Lack Minihorse is an interesting band of self-proclaimed introverts from Ypsilanti, Michigan.  Made up of guitarist/vocalist Ben Collins, bassist Christian Anderson, and drummer John Fossum, their new album, Big Lack, drops this November 11th.  When describing the single. “Blueblack”, the … Continue Reading