Great Ska: The Interrupters – “She’s Kerosene”

The Interrupters “She’s Kerosene” Fight The Good Fight The Interrupters are old school ska (2 Tone, Selector, The Specials, The English Beat) and not a group of poseurs.  This band has it all.  Comprised of Aimee Interrupter: Vocals, Kevin Bivona: Guitar, Justin Bivona: … Continue Reading

True Ska/Punk: The Dead President – “Больше, Чем Музыка”

The Dead President “Больше, Чем Музыка” Amazing heavy shit here.  The Dead President could show all those American fake “ska/punk” bands what real ska/punk sounds like.  This is a perfect combination, throwing a little Specials with a lot of Black … Continue Reading

Ska For The Modern Age: The Interrupters – “By My Side”

The Interrupters “By My Side” Say It Out Loud Anyone out there thinking that ska is dead?  Well, you’re wrong.  The Interrupters will definitely prove you wrong.  Coming from LA (of course), The Interrupters are comprised of Aimee Interrupter: Vocals; Kevin … Continue Reading