Top 5 Songs Of 2016 You Probably Didn’t Hear

5 Greatest Albums You Probably Never Heard In 2016

Even though 2016 just got sadder with the passing of George Michael, who will certainly be missed, there were a lot of jewels released in this year you might not have gotten a chance to hear.

 Elephant Stone – Ship of Fools

I really can’t say enough about this band.  Just imagine Oasis and George Harrison playing together.  Or Rubber Soul redone with more sitar.  Just check them out.  In a perfect world, Elephant Stone would be played on every top 40 radio in the world.  They are that good.

Eivør – Slør

Coming from the Faroe Islands (sometimes Denmark), Eivør is a talent that is unbelievable.  Immersing herself in Faroe culture, which is ancient and pre-dates Iceland even, Eivør has that elven beauty of Bjork without being the same at all.  Eivør is so very out-of-this world, yet accessible.  Check her out.

Frida Hyvönen – Kvinnor Och Barn

Releasing her first world-wide release in her native Swedish after three albums in English may seem like a risk, but with Frida, this was a wise decision, mainly because it helped to focus Frida back on her roots and explore the dangers of love and heartache in her iconic ways.  Seriously, this is the best Swedish album released last year.  Don’t let the language barrier bother you:  you’ll understand her emotions.  And as Frida says, you can always learn Swedish or google translator.  Let me tell you, it’s worth the trouble.

Isaac Gracie – Songs In Black And White

To say that Isaac Gracie is the male Angel Olsen or Torres is not an exaggeration.  There is just something heartbreaking about his songs.  His voice is bitter and breaks with emotion when he hits those high notes, bringing you into his pain and heartache.  And his guitar playing is crazily intense.  Check him out.  If you’ve ever been hurt in love, listen to Gracie.  He understands.

Permit – Six Songs By Permit

Permit are my new favorite punk band.  From Bloomington, IN, Permit is so punk, they don’t even name their songs.  They are fast, they are loud, they are raw, they are extremely tuneful.  (Think The Ramones meet Thin Lizzy).  Permit proves that punk is not dead.  These guys kick.

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