Ariana Grande Has Found the Fan Fav

Ariana Grande has just announced a September 30th, 2014 release date for her third single “Love Me Harder” from “My Everything”. It features a pleasurable vibe from fellow Republic Records PBR&B artist The Weeknd.

Ari has been putting up a huge fight to win the title of pop diva and this single only emphasises her unique presence. Mini Mariah’s emotional attachment is evident from the getgo and it is fair to say this is a fan favorite.

Rhythmic crossover is a hard genre to master but the “Break Free” starlet shows just how it is meant to be done. Her second album is available on iTunes now and is sure to awaken every teenage diva.

“Love Me Harder” reminds me most of Jessica Simpson’s “Take My Breath Away” but I will simply have to try HARDER to find someone to LOVE ME. So I call upon all you single gals and guys to hop aboard the top 40 express and find someone to help us “take this pleasure and take it with the pain.”

Ariana Grande – Love Me Harder ft. The Weeknd

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