Beautiful Grunge: Skyler Cocco – “Ordinary Life”

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Skyler Cocco

“Ordinary Life”

See how innocent Skyler Cocco looks?  Don’t buy it.  She isn’t as innocent as she looks.  Actually, she kicks ass.  She has this Chrissy Hynde sound going for her.  Unbelievable.  She is so wonderful.  I love her garage sound.  Grunge never sounded so good nor so wild.

Singer, producer and model, Cocco originally started out as a pop artist before discovering her writing comes to life in a more raw, less commercial setting. Her music explores genres, such as pop and hip hop, but is primarily alternative, citing inspiration from Silversun Pickups, Stone Temple Pilots and Grimes.

You really can hear the Silversun Pickups sound in her voice and in the background music.  I love her.  You are going to hear much more from this woman, trust me.

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