Blink 182- Parking lot

Blink’s back with “Parking Lot,” a classic pop-punk ode to suburban youthfulness. As Travis Barker relentlessly pounds away, Mark Hoppus and Matt Skiba — remember: Tom DeLonge left the band in 2015 to hunt UFOs or something — wax nostalgic about the glory days of $10 rock shows. They name-drop bands like The Smiths and Violent Femmes along the way, giving way to this sugar rush of a chorus: “We are forgotten young suburbia / Loose on the streets of California / Fuck this place, let’s put up a parking lot!” Hell yeah!

“Parking Lot” appears on the deluxe edition of Blink-182’s Grammy-nominated 2016 comeback album, California. It arrives May 19 and includes 11 brand new tracks, as well as an acoustic version of the hit “Bored to Death.”


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