Calvin Harris’ Blame Game

We certainly got an early start to summer when things were set in Motion with the triumphant March 14th release of “Summer”. That was soon followed by “C.U.B.A.” and finally “Blame” on September 5th. Harris’ 4th studio album release is slatted for November 4th – just 1 week away!


That Calvin Harris has still got it going on is no question! This collaboration with the 24 year old “Love Me Again” Brit John Newman has translated into an obvious immediate radio and club hit! 

John Newman

Many of us have gone through insanely jubilant and forever tragic relationships. The one lesson that seems to prevail remains that any fault is never our own. It’s always that “I was manipulated,” “I was a friend” or I was needed. Yet no matter the situation we tend to be alone without our partner at our side and the “guilt is burning,” while “Inside I’m hurting.” We believe that we are simply not at culpable and the other party must do the explaining. This is the real life escapade that is portrayed in Motion‘s Blame.

What records can Mr. Harris smash in this upcoming studio release? Can he beat his own Top 10 UK hits record of 8? He already beat out the one and only Michael Jackson who had held the record with 7 back in 2012.


Go to iTunes now to buy Blame and listen to The King of EDM on Spotify all day and all night! Amazon pre order is also available.


For everything CH visit his site: and hit up his SoundCloud too!

Middle Finger Calvin


Sony BMG releases anything Calvin Harris these days but back way back when Tommie Sunshine found the young prodigy on none other than MySpace and used his label Xylophone Jones Recordings to make the kid famous.

Rumor has it that Calvin Harris, born Adam Richard Wiles, yearned to be a soccer player in the United Kingdom before stardom hit.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Calvin Harris was the first UK artist to pass the 1 billionth song played mark on Spotify?

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