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De Lux is one of the more exciting, innovative and unique bands we’ve heard in a while here at AudioFuzz. When you first listen to them you immediately hear something familiar but as you begin to listen more deeply you find an incredible plethora of genres that are surprisingly cohesive on their records. We would be VERY surprised if you don’t find yourself suddenly dancing and having fun with this music!

We got the chance to interview them recently and here’s what they had to share with us!

Can you tell our readers a bit about how De Lux began?

1. Basically started when Isaac wrote the “Better At Making Time” bass line. We were almost about to record it with a different project we were in. But kinda just kept it to ourselves as this experiment which ended up being De Lux. From there we just kept writing and recording more and more songs which ended up becoming Voyage. But thats like the initial start. We recorded Voyage end of 2012-early 2013. Didn’t even put it out till a year later which felt a bit more like the actual start haha. 

Was there a record or artist that drove you to make music or was it a collection of records/artists?

2. The Clash, Arcade Fire, J Dilla, when we were in High School definitely sparked us to start writing. I started writing and playing in bands and Isaac was making Hip Hop beats with friends. 

Many of your songs seem to come from a very personal place based on your views of things such as aging, success, love, youth, etc. Where does most of your creativity and inspiration come from?

3. A lot of the creativity as far as the music goes feels very natural. We usually don’t plan on making the songs sound like something specific, but just let whatever comes out. Its all that subconscience and combinations of different music we’ve probably listened to forging together. Bowie has a huge effect on both of us inspiration wise. As well as Prince. Talking Heads is more of the natural inspiration. Writing music almost feels like its just about avoiding cliches as much as possible sometimes. And Bowie and Prince I feel like adopted that principle. Lyrically, I think music can be like a therapist you’re creating and trying to entertain at the same time. And I just go by that. 

Any crazy stories from the road? 

4. The last tour with Breakbot was kind of insane. Literally the first minute we start driving on the freeway towards SF, some guy rams us from the back and totals his car. Our van just had a little dent haha. He was ok though. Then mudslides got in our way delaying SF by 10 hours. We hit a crazy storm in Pennsylvania where it was like The Day After Tomorrow hurricane sucking you in. Legitimately feared for our live for like 47 seconds.

Voyage is an absolutely flawless album that we’ve had on rotation for months now. What can we expect from the band in the near future? 

5. Right now we’re writing new music for a 3rd record. Voyage is our baby. Generation is that baby growing up. This next one feels like that baby realized growing up sucks and just wants to party smart.

Buy Generation on iTunes now:

Check out “Oh Many The Future” below:

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