Drake Boycotting The Grammys


Drake has been making some of the best music of his career the past few years. It is surprising that his album More Life was not submitted for album of the year or best rap album considering the album has sold over 2 million units and includes the hit songs “Passionfruit”, “Portland”, and “Fake Love”.

Drake, is a winner of three Grammys, and has had a contentious past with the awards show, even rapping on “Blessings”, “I could give two fucks ’bout where the Grammys go.” He was absent from this year’s show, even though he won two awards.

The Grammys have received accusations of being racist and irrelevant. The voting process has shown that the system can clearly be manipulated and that the Grammy voting members aren’t necessarily in touch with what is the hottest music especially when it comes to urban music.

With one of the biggest artist not even putting his name in the hat doesn’t it kind of take away from the credibility of the award show? He still can win one for the tracks he is featured on and he is still doing what matters most which is making music as he recently teased a new track with Quavo on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/Bas92W7AgH5/.


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