Enter the dark side: The Black Atlas – “Devils – The Other”


The Black Atlas

“Devils – The Other”

The Other – Volume 1 Of The Equinox

Oh Beelzebub, even live, The Black Atlas is the heaviest band I’ve heard for a long time.  The heavy bass, the guitar that reaches heights but never pulls the band out of the depths of Hell, the voice, that gorgeous growl that moves the band, and the percussion, oh my goddess, what percussion.  The ambient doom music of The Black Atlas makes me unbelievably happy, for a very strange, indescribable reason.  Listening to The Black Atlas is like reading Arthur Rimbaud, dragging you to the pits of Hell.  This is my favorite doom band.  They remind me of a more hellish version of Black Sabbath, if that is possible.  SO MOTE IT BE!!!!


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