Eternally Beautiful – Ziv Shalit – “אבא לא יודע הכל – יונתן בלומנפלד וזיו שליט”

ziv shalit

Ziv Shalit  זיו שליט

“אבא לא יודע הכל – יונתן בלומנפלד וזיו שליט”

I have no idea what  Ziv Shalit, is singing, but with a voice like his, who cares.  I know this is one of the greatest voices I have ever heard.  When he holds that note for seemingly eternity, it really is one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever heard.  If there is a heaven, this is the music that will be playing.  When Shalit hits any of his notes, watch his face.  It is totally without effort on his part.  You have to hear this singer, everything about them.  Born in 1989 in Israel, Ziv Shalit, is an actor, singer, and pianist.  He really can do anything.

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